The ANNIKA Foundation has been fortunate to meet and partner with many groups and people in the U.S. and overseas in the past few years. Here are testimonials from some parents, educators and supporters of the Foundation’s partnership and mission.

I wanted to let you know how great a time it was for us at ANNIKA Junior Day. Our kids and parents were thrilled. Your warmth and hospitality were indescribably good for our souls. Thank you so very much for having us participate with you again this year. Annika, you and the entire staff were absolutely beautiful in your interactions with us. I am positive that our kids benefited tremendously from the experience and will harbor memories for a lifetime. Annika and the Foundation rank among the best in all aspects. On behalf of the entire OMYGA family, I pray God’s greatest continued blessings on Annika and the Foundation.

Dr. T.J. Dorsey

Founder and Executive Director

The  Orlando Minority Youth Golf Association

My name is Margie Black, and I teach at St. Mary’s Elementary in Joplin, MO. We received your very generous gift certificate from the Annika Foundation. My goodness, how kind of you to reach out to us! Your donation will help me purchase some much needed items for PE. I also received the autographed picture of Annika, and I have enjoyed showing that off to everyone who will let me show it to them!

We may be a broken community, but we are indeed a blessed one because of the generosity of complete strangers all over the world! Thank you for reaching out to us and offering us your support. It is appreciated more than you could possibly know.

Thank you again for your thoughtfulness! You will be hearing from us again soon!

God bless,

Margie M. Black

I believe in the ANNIKA Foundation and everything about her mission. It’s a foundation that plants seeds…to teach, guide and nurture. The ANNIKA Foundation provides our children the education and opportunity to lead a healthy, quality life.

Patty Lanier, SPARK Trainer